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    Game License Agreement
    Game License Agreement

    Licensing Flash games is simple and something any website owner can do!
    Other than paying thousands of Euros or Dollars for a custom-created game, you can have a customized Flash game on your website for only a few hundred! The license prices are very fair and you will never have to pay anything again - there are no recurring fees!

    To get your games, please visit our Flash games list, select the game(s) of your choice and click on the "Buy now" button. There you can easily buy multiple game licenses at once.

    Online Flash Games

    GamesLark's Flash games are light and browser-based. No additional software is needed in order to play them, nothing but the freely available Flash browser plug-in, which 99% of web-surfers already have.

    Game Customization

    Brand the games with your logo at no extra cost!

    The games can be licensed as they are, without any modifications, or they can be branded. Branded (or customized) games have your logo incorporated into them, and/or if desired more complex adjustments can be made, such as changing the color scheme of the game or changing the main character (game hero) to be your mascot, etc. Anything is possible!

    Benefits of Games

    Adding games to your site - no matter what your business is - has many benefits:

    Regular or Exclusive Game License

    GamesLark offers a variety of Flash games for licensing. The regular license is non-exclusive, however it is also possible to buy an exclusive license for any of the offered Flash games. The exclusivity would commence from the moment of the purchase, and the game would be removed from GamesLark's website forever. The price for exclusivity depends on the game.

    To see and try out (play) the available games, please visit the category pages:

    If you have any questions regarding the possibilities, customization or the licensing process in general, please don't hesitate to ask. To find out a little more about us and why we are the right choice for you, read the GamesLark introduction.
    If you are ready to buy Flash games for your website, please go to the games order page.